Random Act of Kindness Day

Photo: brother Randy with Ragan at
Randy's wedding in April 1998

On May 19, 1974, Ragan Durrenberger was born in Minnesota.  On May 19, 1999, the perpetrator who fired the gun that killed Ragan, was found guilty of 2nd degree murder.  On that day, Ragan's birthday was celebrated by friends and family who performed Random Acts of Kindness. 

I invite you to help celebrate the life that Ragan lived by performing some Random Act of Kindness and describing your kindness below.  This is a great way for Ragan's spirit to continue to be active in this world.

Although the week of May 19 is when I like to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness, any day of the year is a great day to do a random kindness.  Ragan's mom, Becky



If you would like to share your act of kindness, send a description and your name (opt.) as you would like it to appear to raganswall@aol.com

To read the submitted Random Acts of Kindness, click here.

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