Random Act of Kindness Day

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5/13/05    A yellow or red rose was given to each woman who attended the women's birthday club dinner in Flagstaff, AZ.

5/16/05    This week I'll be donating 20 hours to organizing a Volunteer Appreciation Day for the volunteers of the American Cancer Society.  It is a small way I can help to show appreciation to those people who give of their hearts to help people suffering or in need. This is a humbling exercise as it puts me in the position of those I'm attempting to honor.  Taking a moment to truly be still and recognize the power of kindness makes living in such a crazy world all that much easier.  Certainly Ragan's spirit will forever live with each act of kindness and the hope that accompanies it.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this and reminding me to be still.  Shayna J. Diamond, MA, ACS Patient Navigator, Phx, AZ.

5/19/05    Some close friends here are involved in their only son's wedding this week-end.  Our new church requires a trained "Kitchen person" to be present when the facilities are to be used for such occasions, and I agreed to help them in that way.  They are supposed to give their kitchen helper a fee, but I am going to waive that money in Ragan's honor. MO